Residential Care

Residential care homes offer a smaller, more home-like setting and can offer food services and assistance with daily living activities, but typically do not have a medical professional on-site. Stays can last from 12 to 24 months and possibly longer. When you think about the type of intimate services being provided, there is something to be said for seeing the same familiar face each time and knowing our caregiver's name.

Transitional versus

Permanent Housing


Many require continued assistance in their efforts to regain economic self-sufficiency and independence. Transitional housing, provides temporary living accommodations for certain segments of the homeless population, including working homeless making insufficient wages who have trouble affording long-term housing, and is set up to transition residents into permanent, affordable housing.  


Permanent housing is long term and targets individuals that require affordable housing with wrap around supportive services such as case management. 


At Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services we are committed in providing supportive services when society falls short in helping individuals with significant needs from living in local communities with social acceptance key to community development.


About Us

Veteran’s Progress & Recovery Services is committed to providing residential care, transitional, and permanent housing accommodations that will allow veterans a healthier re-introduction to independent living.


Established in 2017, the property is located in a Scenic Wood community in North Houston. The home is located on 7300 square foot of land, and offers the necessities required to live comfortably without worrying about the high overhead of utility bills.

We offer a variety of amenities to help make your stay safe and enjoyable. When you choose to occupy a property owned by Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services you’re choosing an exceptional support system that is compassionate to the needs of each resident.


Residential Personal Care: (accommodations for 1-2 residents)

  • Fully furnished | Shared Quarters | Private room (additional cost)

  • Onsite activities include: checkers, chess, dominoes, cards, movies, music, Sit-n-Be Fit exercises, crossword puzzles, and park walks. 

  • Flat screen TV with cable access

  • Bathing | Personal Care | Dressing |

  • Meal Preparation (breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner)

  • Medication Monitoring

  • Grocery Shopping

  • Housekeeping | Laundry Services

  • Assistance to Appointments

  • 24-hr Personal Care Aides

  • 24-hr Security Monitoring

  • Internet | WiFi | Computer | Printer Services

  • Additional services include: Barber and Beauty Services

  • We do not accommodate High Acuity of Care such as; feeding tubes, diabetic injections, extreme incontinence or colostomy care.

Transitional & Permanent Housing Services: (accommodations for 4-5 residents)

The Veteran’s Progress & Recovery Services works with veterans to help move them towards independence. Transitional Housing clients that participate in our program receive case management to assist them in achieving employment stability, while living in clean, stable housing.

The residential home consists of shared quarters that are completely furnished and are move in ready. 

If you would like to be considered as a possible candidate for Veteran’s Progress & Recovery Services Transitional Housing Program, please contact us at (832) 781-3331. You will receive a response from a representative who will let you know if we are currently interviewing.

If there is an opening and if it is determined you are a good fit for the program, you would receive an application to start the interview process immediately.



We Care and We Understand

Veteran’s Progress and Recovery Services is a privately owned and managed business that believes in the passionate pursuit of excellence and success with uncompromising services and integrity, which is why we have decided to venture into the industry of assisting veterans and seniors. 


We are dedicated to providing compassionate, trustworthy and dependable care allowing our clients to live in the comfort and safety of our home.


We deliver excellent services because we care. Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services will ensure a productive and secure home for our residents, and engage in the well-being of each resident during their stay.


Our Services


Meal Preparation & Medicine Reminder Assistance

Since many clients no longer have the ability to grocery shop and prepare balanced meals on their own, our staff can prepare delicious and nutritious meals. Transitional and permanent housing clients are provided self serve meals; breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, and 24 hour coffee bar.

Although Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services cannot administer medications to clients, we can help ensure that medications are taken as prescribed - assisting with opening containers, reading labels, and providing medication reminders.


Laundry & Housekeeping

Transitional and permanent housing clients have the ability to utilize laundry services 3 days per week. 


Transitional and Permanent housing clients will be responsible for the upkeep of the home. This includes domestic tasks such as vacuuming, dusting and cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen.

Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services will provide periodic cleaning conducive to the maintenance of the home.


Emergency Care

Our property is also less than 5-10 miles away from The Texas Medical Center and the Harris Health System.


Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services will make sure personal care residents experiencing life-threatening illnesses or injuries will be transported to the nearest emergency treatment facility.



Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services will provide transportation to grocery stores of the client's choice within a 5 mile radius.  This option is available to personal care clients only.

Please be advised we reserve the right to outsource transportation vendors such as Metro-lift and additional non-medical transportation contractors, as needed. This choice is an option for personal care clients.

Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services does not provide transportation for transitional and permanent housing clients. Public transportation is within walking distance from the property.


Supportive Atmosphere

With the help of Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services families can feel comfortable with the exceptional care services we offer.  Our staff will work with you to determine the best services for your family member or loved one and will be available to reassess as conditions and abilities change.

Veterans seeking transitional and permanent housing will have the ability to use our home as a platform that will allow the re-introduction to independence.

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There's no place like home.

"Judy Garland"

Kitchen View 1
Kitchen View 1
Guest Seating Area
Guest Seating Area
Second Bedroom
Second Bedroom
Guest View
Guest View
Bed 1 View
Bed 1 View

Vision Statement:

With the Lord's blessing, it is our prayer and vision is to provide a model for the veteran community to attain safe, affordable housing, allowing contributions to meaningful life activities throughout the process to regaining independence. 

Mission Statement:

Through Christ's guidance, Veteran's Progress and Recovery Services is committed to combating homelessness by providing affordable transitional housing to the veteran community that will serve as a bridge until permanent housing is obtained.


Eligibility, Restrictions & Rates 


  • Single Male Veteran

  • Completed referral card

  • Must have a valid email address 

  • Must provide (2) forms of Identification

  • Must provide proof of income (SSI, employment, or financial assistance - SSVF ACCEPTED)

  • Veterans on parole or probation must provide official release documentation w/parole or probation officer contact information.


  • Single Male Veteran

  • Must have a valid email address 

  • Must provide (2) forms of Identification

  • Must provide proof of income (SSI, employment, or financial assistance - SSVF ACCEPTED)

  • Veterans on parole or probation must provide official release documentation w/parole or probation officer contact information.







For the overall safety of the home, applicants with the following restrictions will not be accepted

  • Aggravated assaults or robbery 

  • SEVERE cases of Mental Disability 

  • Veterans taking psychotropic medications

  • Battery 

  • Arson

  • Sexual offenses

  • High risk or High level offenders

  • No pets allowed


  • 3 MONTH OPTION - $575 MONTH - Shorter agreements include slightly more cost due to the faster scheduled move-out



  • $125





  • We will only accept money orders or cashier’s check during your first 30 days. - NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!!!

  • Each payment after must set up for automated billing (Using all major credit cards) or (Directly from your bank account).

  • The transition is simple. To automate your billing, complete and return the attached form and we’ll do the rest. Each time a payment is processed, you will receive an email receipt for your records.


  • Rates (based on client's needs)


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Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services celebrated the completion of our first home, with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House on July 20, 2018 from 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm at 7622 Boggess Road, Houston, Texas 77016. We received overwhelming  positive feedback from the agency representatives that attended.

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