What is Transitional Housing (TH)?


Transitional housing (TH) has taken on different meanings and forms through the years. Though it takes many forms, transitional housing broadly refers to a supportive community that offers temporary housing for different segments of the homeless population or those experiencing a crisis. 


Transitional housing is temporary housing for certain segments of the homeless population, including working homeless people who are earning too little money to afford long-term housing. Transitional housing is set up to transition residents into permanent, affordable housing.

What is Permanent Housing(PH)?

Permanent housing (PH) is defined as community-based housing without a designated length of stay in which formerly homeless individuals and families live as independently as possible. Permanent housing refers to what the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) calls permanent supported housing, which provides affordable housing tied to supportive services, such as ongoing addiction or mental health treatment, case management, and help with life skills.

What is Assisted Living?

An assisted residence or assisted living facility is a housing facility for people such as; veterans, seniors, individuals with disabilities or adults who cannot or choose not to live independently.

The difference between nursing home care and assisted living is that nursing homes provide medical and personal care in a clinical setting, while assisted living primarily provides personal care in a home-like, social setting.

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About Us

Veteran’s Progress & Recovery Services is committed to providing transitional and permanent housing, as well as Assisted accommodations that will allow our clients sustain a better future by regaining confidence.

We offer a variety of amenities to help make your stay safe and enjoyable. When you choose to occupy a property owned by Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services you’re choosing an exceptional support system that is compassionate to the needs of each resident.


Transitional & Permanent Housing Services: 

Veteran’s Progress & Recovery Services works with veterans, seniors, and individuals to move them towards independence. Transitional and permanent housing clients that participate in our program are often wrapped in services prior to arrival to our home. Case managers, social workers, and probation officers appreciate our 24 hour monitoring properties, as well as the sober supportive environment we offer.

If you would like to be considered as a possible candidate for the Transitional or Permanent Housing Program, please contact us at by phone or email. You will receive a response from a representative who will let you know if we are currently interviewing.

If there is an opening and if it is determined you are a good fit for the program, you would receive an application to start the interview process immediately.

Assisted Living Services:

We offer minimal to moderate support to individuals, veterans, and senior seeking assisted living as an alternative to nursing care. 

  • Bathing | Dressing

  • Meal Preparation (Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner)

  • Medication monitoring

  • Grocery shopping

  • Housekeeping | Laundry Services

  • We do not provide: Incontinence Care, Oxygen Administration, Intravenous (IV) Therapy, or Medical Injections


The cost of non-medical home care is based on the individual needs of each client we serve. We understand that budgets aren't unlimited. That's why we work with our clients to address concerns, needs, care and preferences.

We Care and We Understand

Veteran’s Progress and Recovery Services is a privately owned and managed business that believes in the passionate pursuit of excellence and success with uncompromising services and integrity, which is why we have decided to venture into the industry of serving others. 


We are dedicated to providing compassionate, trustworthy and dependable care allowing our clients to live in the comfort and safety of our home.


We deliver excellent services because we care. Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services will ensure a productive and secure home for our residents, and engage in the well-being of each resident during their stay.

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What We Offer


Kitchen & Food Assistance

Laundry & Housekeeping

All clients can benefit from our onsite laundry room available for use twice weekly.

Clients in our Transitional and Permanent Housing Programs will bear the sole responsibility regarding cleanliness of the home. This includes domestic tasks such as vacuuming, dusting and cleaning bathrooms and the kitchen. 


Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services will provide periodic cleaning conducive to the maintenance of the home.


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Our property offers a full size kitchen with up to date appliances ready for use. It is equipped with microwave, pots, pans, dishware, and flatware.


Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services has the resources to provide food and clothing assistance.


We work closely with Joseph House Community Outreach Center to assist veterans, senior, or disabled clients with their nutritional needs.

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Supportive Atmosphere

Whether clients are seeking transitional, permanent housing or assisted living they will have the ability to use our home(s) as a platform to live a better, healthier lifestyle.

We believe in helping others that want to help themselves. We do not accept excuses nor do we reward behavior that doesn't align with our vision or mission.

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Thank you for your support!

Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services
Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services

Providing transitional housing, permanent housing, and assisted living services to individuals, veterans, seniors, and the minimal to moderate disabled.

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Blessing of the home
Blessing of the home

Our Executive Director with Pastor Ricky Bell of Forest Lawn MBC

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Houston Lady Lions ceremony

Mr. & Mrs. Simmons (VP&RS)

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Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services
Veteran's Progress & Recovery Services

Providing transitional housing, permanent housing, and assisted living services to individuals, veterans, seniors, and the minimal to moderate disabled.

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Vision Statement:

With the Lord's blessing, it is our prayer and vision is to provide the veteran, senior, and disabled community safe, affordable housing, allowing contributions to meaningful life activities for a healthier lifestyle.

Mission Statement:

Through Christ's guidance, Veteran's Progress and Recovery Services is committed to combating homelessness by providing affordable transitional, permanent, and assisted residence housing to meet the basic needs of clients experiencing financial, physical, or emotional hardships.

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  • Veteran(s): Male or female

    • Age Limit:  35 and Up

  • Seniors: Male or female 

    • Senior couples accepted 

  • Individuals with minimal to moderate disabilities

  • Must provide proof of income (ability to pay privately or proof of approved financial assistance)

  • If applicable - Must provide official release documentation w/parole or probation officer contact information


The following restrictions WILL NOT be accepted:

  • Aggravated assaults or robbery (within 3 years)

  • Battery (within 3 years)

  • SEVERE cases of Mental Disability 

  • Arson

  • Sexual offenses

  • No pets allowed

  • No Alcohol allowed on premises

  • No drugs allowed on premises

  • No firearms allowed on premise


Transitional Housing agreements terms are from 3 to 6 months

  • $600​ month

  • Security Deposit: $250 (Non-refundable)

Permanent Housing agreements terms are 12 months or more

  • $700​ month

  • Security Deposit: $250 (Non-refundable)

Assisted Living short-term and long-term agreements are available

  • $1000 and up based on the client's needs

  • Security Deposit: $500 (Non-refundable)

    • (We do not provide incontinence care, oxygen administration, intravenous therapy, or medical injections)



  • Private pay clients can make payments by money order and cashier’s check

  • Card/ACH Authorization for automatic deductions - must call or email to request form

  • Client payment portal 

  • Rental assistance from supporting agency